CCC Outreach
Their Story: “We first heard of the problem of baby girls being left to die, but we couldn’t believe it. So, we traveled to India with the purpose of seeing for ourselves if this was true. While there, we visited 2 homes for abandoned girls. One girl had been buried alive and was found being dug up by a dog. Another was found floating down a river in a plastic bag. We realized that without these homes all these precious girls would not be alive and that the need is urgent and great. We were filled with determination to do something. Thus, the birth of Himalayan Joy Home.”
Their Mission Statement:
Catholic Charities of Ventura County helps our poor and vulnerable brothers and sisters restore their human dignity by offering compassionate assistance with life’s daily needs. All our services are offered regardless of religious affiliation, nationality, color, or creed.
Their Mission Statement:
Sarah’s House is committed to ending the cycle of homelessness and abuse in women and children through comprehensive case management, counseling, educational classes, and resources through pregnancy and beyond.
We partner with women to assist them in overcoming their obstacles to independence. Our program is designed to promote a sense of responsibility in the women we serve. Sarah’s house offers professional counseling, case management, mentoring, partnership with a drug/alcohol treatment program, and life skills training including nutrition, financial management, self-esteem, parenting, gardening, and cooking. Most importantly, we are seeking to show our women the love of Jesus Christ through our love and acceptance for them.
Our Goal:
Our purpose and goal is to help men and women get back on their feet physically, emotionally, and spiritually: To help them return to their communities as productive members of society. It is our faith in God that will lead us to victory over the strongholds of addiction or homelessness. We believe that God works through His children to reach the lost and forgotten in this world.